Foundation Seminar

“Appearance is the consequence of fitness, and confidence is a consequence of capability” – Mark Twight

This has been a goal, idea and want of mine for a very long time. I have completed countless seminars, courses and workshops in the last 20 plus years, some lived up to what they advertised and others, well they did not. I always walked away from them learning something, its a choice I make walking into these seminars, I empty my cup, listen to what they have to say, leave my bias out of it and see what happens.

What I wanted from the 98 Foundation seminar was simple, I wanted to over deliver in every aspect, I wanted each person to walk away wondering how they could come back and get more. The goal was to pass on as much knowledge, experience and practical skill sets so that everyone could walk into the following Monday and apply straight away.

Now I can’t do all that alone, I could probably deliver a sub standard coffee at best, so I reached out to the people I knew had the skill, knowledge and background to deliver and exceed expectations.
Chris Feather – (Founder/Director of 98 Gym)
Sam Burgess – (Dual International, Captain of South Sydney and so much more)
Jesse Williams – ( NFL Defence Tackle, cancer survivor and Strength Coach)
Harret Walker – (Nutritional Scientist and world class athlete)
Alexa Towersy – ( Strength coach with over 15 years experience)

When I look at that line up I have to pinch myself. I feel privileged to get to pick the brains of these people on a daily basis. And when I wasn’t speaking over that last weekend I sat and listened as each one of them continued to provide knowledge and the practical application on their subject matter. The weekend ran from Friday night until Sunday afternoon, we learnt, trained, suffered and learnt some more. The environment is something we focus on all the time, I want you to be comfortable so you can learn, I want you to suffer in good company.

The feedback you can read, not from me but from those who attended. Our aim and goal is simple, to expose you to the ethos, culture, community that we all work so hard to develop and protect here at 98 Gym. We are performance driven in all that we do, from our programming to our recovery.


“The biggest diversity in experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from at a single seminar. The seminar was a great mix of shared experiences, theory and practical application aimed at those who take their role seriously. I left the seminar a better athlete and a better coach.”

– Myfanwy Galloway


“The 98 Riley team and guest speakers delivered an outstanding two days that was equally well received by the beginners like myself right through to the gym owners and PT’s that attended.

I would highly recommend the 98 Riley seminar. Learning the technical aspects of training and nutrition from the best in their fields was great but for me the real kicker was walking away inspired after hearing the ethos of the speakers on leadership, hard work, integrity and over coming adversity.”

– Chris Kahn


“I just want to say that I’ve learnt and implemented so much in the last few weeks since returning to NZ. 

You guys have restored my fire and I’m excited for the future of my business and the people who we influence. 

Can’t thank you enough”

– Reece McCaffery


“Leader’s lead through action! 

Outstanding weekend that Chris Feather and his team have built. 

One of the best semimars that I have attended with amazing content from all speakers. 

Don’t  think of doing this seminar. 

Do it!”

– Scott Thomas (Tough Fit)


“This was on of the most informative , worthwhile and most enjoyable seminars I’ve ever participated in. The professional way in which it was run enabled so much to be gained out of the weekend, leaving the weekend energised and charged to train and recover better!”

– Andrew Coorey


 “Great Seminar by your team! 

The 98 team have set STANDARDS they follow. They’ve built a culture, where your “effort” is what they value. Great seminar to learn about integrity in performance.”

– Will Lafolafo


“Megan and i both absolutely loved the seminar. Was everything we were looking for plus more. It has changed our approach to how we train as well as how we train others.

We both loved the ‘WHY’ of everything that was taught. Also, we particularly liked the programming segment, the simplicity of a linear strength program, and how effective it is. It’s something I’ve never come across previously. Loved the practical segments of the deadlift and squat technique correction.”

– Lachie & Megan Cameron