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Harriet Walker

5 Things You Need To Know About Weight Loss

Have you ever heard someone say the only thing getting in your way of success is you? It’s a simultaneously heartening yet frustrating thought, and when it comes to weight loss it’s true. Take hold of your mindset towards your health and wellbeing, and you are ready to tackle the finer details of what to eat. People can guide you and support you, but the bulk of the grunt work needs to be at your end. This is because most of the time, food is the easy part. The hard part is making the changes necessary so that your life is conducive to healthy eating, regular exercise and life balance.  Healthy changes, no matter how small, which are done consistently, are the key.

This idea is not instantaneous nor is it very sexy, but it needs to be known. Your health isn’t a sprint. Your health is the longest event you are ever going to take part in and the harder you train, the better the outcome is going to be.  So to give some guidance about where to start, here are five key points to giving yourself the best chance of losing weight, gaining health and making the changes last.

Change one thing at a time We all know the old ‘I’ll start on Monday’ routine following a weekend of probable debauchery. But, however noble your intentions are or how big the plan is, the fact remains that when faced with the potentially massive task of re-hauling your diet, changing everything at once will only end in failure. Cleaning up your diet needs to be a change for life, so by making one change at a time, whether it be cutting down the alcohol or kicking the burgers, you are giving yourself the best chance to master it, make it a habit, and then move on to the next one.

Clean out the pantry  Self-control and motivation are great but they will only get you so far, especially on the nights when it’s cold outside and the only thing that would possibly warm you up is half a block of chocolate and a glass of vino. Making sure your house is a safe haven from temptation and stoked with healthy options will keep you on track, especially when selfcontrol accidently was left at the office.

Make sure everyone is on board Like the old saying goes ‘There is no I in team’. It is a well-known fact that having a support team behind you will greatly increase you chances of success of making diet changes. It’s a pretty difficult task to navigate a healthy diet when your partner is chowing down on takeaways or your work colleagues are sliding banana bread in your direction. Letting people know you’re on a mission gives them the chance to get behind you- if they don’t want to get on board, you now know who your real friends are!

Forget the packaging- Just eat real food There is a constant barrage of information out there about what’s hot and what’s not, which leaves a lot of people confused and reaching for a ‘lite’ brownie for comfort. You can make it really simple for yourself by sticking to as much non-processed foods as possible. If it comes in a box or packet- keep it to a minimum. Yes this means more time in the kitchen, but of your smart with your time you can cook a few meals in advance and save yourself cash, stress and centimetres on your waist line.

The 80:20 rule  Let’s face it; there is more to food than just giving us energy. Food is there for celebration, commiseration and is central to many traditions. It’s all well and good to vow that a Tim Tam will never again pass your lips but in reality, this may be difficult. That being said, not every meal needs to be a party in your mouth. The 80:20 rule is a great way of indulging your inner foodie, while keeping on the straight and narrow the other times. Using this rule you have the large majority of you meals, around 80% – especially during the week, simple and fresh. This gives you a bit of room to move when the right occasion arises, the other 20% of the time. Just be sure to keep it to one meal a few times a week and that the exception doesn’t transform into the norm!

Whether you are just starting to think about making some health changes, or if you are on the verge of a lifestyle break through, it is important to remember that the only time you really fail, is when you give in completely. You may have some slip ups, in fact, expect them, accept them and keep on going. If change is what you really want it’s what you are going to get, but the only person who can do it is you.


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