98 Christmas Workout - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

98 Christmas Workout

Today we had 72m people, members and trainers, on the roof of 98 for the 98 Christmas workout. We split the teams into groups of 7 and 8 and hit this workout.

13777m ski relay (North Pole to 98 Riley Street, Sydney in kilometres)
*20 lunge, 10 squat, 5 push ups after each ski effort.

It was so good to train alongside our members and see how fit they have become. Such great team spirit from people of all different levels and a wide variety of backgrounds. Clients becoming training partners. 98 Is evolving into what i always wanted. 2018 at 98 is going to be something special.


‘People make institutions, not vice versa.’

– Shere Hite