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98 Gym Foundation Nutrition Standard

The Foundation Nutrition Standards are the first step of three to make long term and meaningful changes to your nutrition. The aim for this first four weeks is to show that you can commit to the small changes required for upgrading your diet before advancing to the more in-depth and technical information and practices. In reality, most people would enjoy good health and positive changes to their body composition by just achieving these Foundation Strategies long term. However, in a world where there is a new diet every week, people often find themselves jumping between multiple dietary approaches but end up with nothing but a very confused outlook on nutrition. These Foundation Nutrition Standards are basic and have been set out in order for you to show your commitment to optimising you diet. If you are wanting to jump straight to the technical stuff before mastering these basics, then you may be setting yourself up for a fall. Afterall, the technical aspects we will be elaborating on in future stages are closely linked to these Foundation Standards and build upon these skills. To get started watch the video that outlines the Foundation Standards, map out your 4 weeks and take note of the changes you make each week.

Foundation Nutrition

Minimum 4 weeks buy in, do not pass ‘go’ until these standards have been achieved consistently for 4 weeks.

Success Standard:

  • 5 x 75g serves of coloured vegetables each day
  • Quality protein serve at every main meal
  • Reduction of alcohol to 2 occasions per week, less than 3 drinks in a sitting
  • Replacement of absent minded snacks with planned snacks including 2 pieces of fruit
  • Eating 70% for health and performance, 30% for enjoyment (3 ‘relaxed meals’ and 6 small relaxed snacks (inclusive of alcohol)
  • Add in 30 minutes extra sleep
  • 500ml water for every 10kg weight

Knowledge required:

  • What are sources/serves of quality Proteins
  • What quality sources/serves of carbohydrates are
  • What healthy fat sources/serves are
  • How to construct a ‘performance plate’ for each meal (2 serves of veg at lunch dinner or 1 piece of fruit at breakfast, 1 serve protein,1 serve nutrient dense carbohydrates, 1 serve of healthy fats each meal)
  • How to estimate food serves using hands
  • Basic snack combinations


  • Improved energy and clarity
  • Improved recovery from training
  • Improved digestion/gut function
  • Improved confidence in basic nutrition planning
  • Moderate increase lean muscle mass
  • Moderate reduction in fat mass (-250-500g/week)
  • BF% 27-30+ F/17-22+