98 Open Day - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

98 Open Day

On Saturday 30th of September we held our open day. The idea was to showcase the new space and bring a few friends of 98 in for a bit of competition. Alexa and Andy ran a max pull up competition. The winner, Sebastian Kliesch, hitting an impressive 29 strict reps. Jules and Vic put people through their paces on a one minute all out airbike. Tom Burgess got the chocolates on that with 54 calories. Throughout the day Kev Toonen ran a couple of deadlift workshops helping people with technique, common mistakes and how to program a deadlift. He pulled a solid 240kg for good measure. The main event was a team charity Ski Erg relay.



5 person teams (2 females)

30 minute max meter ski relay

*10 x burpees every 3 minutes


We ended up with a massive turn out for this seeing 17 teams from all over Australia show up to compete. The session was a tough one but the atmosphere in the gym was electric. Team 98 took first place (8944m) with BeFit in second (8891m) and Chocolate Box coming third (8878). A full list of results is below. We finished the day off with a few beers, the AFL Grand Final and $3000 dollars heading to Fight MND. All in all a great success.


I wanted to send out a big thanks to everyone for showing up and supporting us at 98. A special shout out to the main sponsors Body Science and Aussie Strength, thanks for everything guys!


I think this may be something we will do on a regular basis, watch this space! Check out the gallery below for some of the action by @jamesjoel.