98 Testing 31st August 2018 - 98 Gym

98 Testing 31st August 2018

With the second round of testing completed here in the gym and first lot of testing done for our online members, I am very happy to share the results…who would have thought, hard work, consistency pays off!

We tested over 100 people and the results are once again very impressive. A few things to remember when you read this, the longer you have trained for (6-8 years) your improvements will be minimal, and sometimes you won’t be measuring kgs or watts, you’ll be measuring the pain, muscle soreness the next day or how long your heart rate (HR) took to return to baseline. If you are new to training (3-12 months) the improvements will be in leaps in bounds, this is due to the rapid and wonderful physical improvements that happen as a novice trainer.

Also understand that if you didn’t have the best lead up to testing, meaning travel, sickness some small injuries, that will also affect you. And this is a snap shot of you on the day. You may also not be that used to “testing” and that can also make people nervous and studies have shown when you’re not very good at regulating your mental and emotional state, you can have a decrease in performance. However…if you train the way you “play” then these effects will be minimal on the day

So below are both testing results so far, blue are the results just gone.

Average BW for the Females:52.3kg59.6kg
Average BW for the Males:81.1kg81.1kg
Average Deadlift for the Females:99.7kg101.3kg
Average Deadlift for the Males:140.3kg151.4kg
Average Pull ups for the Females:24
Average Pull ups for the Males:68
Average Calories on Assault Bike for the Females:1214
Average Calories on Assault Bike for the Males:2829
Average time for Box Jump for the Females:2 mins 35 secs2 mins 27 secs
Average time for Box Jump for the Males:2 mins 05 secs2 mins
Average time for the 2km Ski for the Females:9 mins 51 secs9 mins 07 secs
Average time for the 2km Ski for the Males:8 mins 2 secs7 mins 53 secs

A quick look at these results and you could be mistaken to think its not that impressive.  Due to the large number of people who tested this time and the fact that these are the average over all, you can be forgiven to think its not what you thought it would be. Here are some individual results.

  • Male 88kg deadlift increase by 42kg
  • Male 85kg Ski time decreased (faster) by 42 seconds
  • Female 62kg deadlift increase by 21kg
  • Female 61kg deadlift increase by 27kg
  • Male 67kg Ski time decreased (faster) by 69 seconds

The above results in a matter of months is great, this is what it looks like for the majority of our members, also a 50% increase in the pull ups by the girls across the board in a little over 3 months. You are all getting stronger, faster and more conditioned.

The difference in males and females is once again very minimal and too close to call…however, gentlemen… let me just say this. Ego vs proper technique over time… technique trumps ego.

Another stat that needs to be addressed is that the average gym has 75% of it members turn up 2 days or less, at 98 Gym 96% turn up 5 days or more. Meaning you all train harder and more often and put yourself under more stress… this is why you are performing so well. We exist in a bubble and as I said last time, if you compare yourself to those inside the gym its easy to forget just how hard the average session is here, and that becomes your “standard”, your normal.

Testing is a snap shot in time, you may be stronger and faster next week, or you could be slower and weaker in three weeks time… it’s all lifestyle dependent.

The take away is this…know your results, put them into play during your sessions, the strength sessions, the ESD sessions and if you want to know how they apply then ask a coach and we can direct you in the right way.

From here I’ve put together the plan for the next few months, we will be introducing new warm ups to progress everyone through, new movements to place new stress/stimulus onto your body, to ensure it never adapts and always gets stronger.  We will also look to grow the number of strength classes to accommodate those who wish to get even stronger, meaning we will introduce additional sessions on top of those we already have. The gym will take on a new look soon as well, with more updated equipment for everyone to use. We will ensure that we are at the forefront of training and coaching.

And last but not least, welcome to all our 98 online members who tested and who joined our community in the last few weeks, I can’t wait to work with you all for years to come!