Bear crawls, chain drags & kettle bell swings with Jai Courtney.

I’m working through a fairly heavy and monotonous Ski Erg programme at the moment and wanted to add a bit of variety and fun to the week.  I decided to add a couple of GPP/Conditioning/Pre-hab workouts around the ski stuff, no ergs or barbells allowed.  I hit todays session with Jai Courtney.  Jai’s main aim is to improve GPP and not gain any bulk. The session hit the spot for us both. It highlighted a few of my weaknesses while getting through some good old fashioned hard work.




Warm up


Bear crawl + kettle bell drag through (32kg) & KB swing (32kg) ladder

100m bear crawl

10 Russian KB swings

80m bear crawl

20 Russian KB swings

60m bear crawl

30 Russian KB swings

40m bear crawl & drag

40 Russian KB swings

20m bear crawl & drag

50 Russian KB swings


Cool down