Bike Erg World Sprints - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

Bike Erg World Sprints

This year at 98 we will be taking part in the Concept2 Bike Erg World Sprints.

The BikeErg World Sprints are a virtual indoor cycling championships modeled after the successful Ski Erg World Sprints.

When and Where

The BikeErg World Sprints takes place between July 3-7, 2019. We will be putting all our members through this 4ooom effort on July 3rd in all of our scheduled ESD classes. We will also be recording times that day from all our online members.

The Details

  • Race 4000 meters on the Concept2 BikeErg between 3-7 July, 2019.
  • 98 Trainers will enter times in our Concept2 Online Logbook by July 8 21:00 GMT (17:00 ET).
  • We will send our results directly to Concept2. If we submit 20 or more individual results from the event we’ll be entered in a raffle for a new BikeErg for your 98. Results must be emailed by July 8 21:00 GMT (17:00 ET).

Late submissions cannot be accepted. All results MUST be submitted by July 8 21:00 GMT (17:00 ET).

Due to the time required to compile and check race results, final results should be ready by 12 pm GMT on July 09, 2019.


For the BikeErg World Sprints, only verified and calibrated times will be accepted. Not only must your time be verified by entering it using an app like ErgData or by using a verification code, you must also make sure you complete the verification calibration if the BikeErg asks you to do one before your piece. If you do not complete the calibration when asked, your time will not be seen as verified by the Logbook.V

Incentives and Rewards

  • Inclusion on the results board.
  • A specially designed downloadable certificate will be available after 12 pm GMT on July 09, 2019.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three male and female times in each category. Categories are listed below.


There are separate results for men and women.

Age Categories

  • Junior 18
  • 19-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70-79
  • 80+

I think as a gym we will do very well in this event. Would be great to see everyone jump on board and have a crack! Please ask me anything about the event you are unsure of.