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Warm up4 rounds10 alt reverse lunges12 single arm kb thruster 12/8kgs (6L/6R)15 hollow rocks WorkoutIn pairs completeFor time300 cal bike erg300 wall balls*EMOM 3 synchro single arm devils press 22.5/15kgs** both movements can be done at the same time Cool…

Andy Ginn

Warm up3 rounds12 goblet squat 12/8kgs6 strict burpee w/shoulder primer12 KB snatch 6L/6R WorkoutAMRAP 8 4 devils press 22.5/15kgs8 dual DB box step step 24/16Rest 3minsAMRAP 820 wall ball 20/14200m run w/wallballrest 3minsAMRAP 8300/200m ski15 dual KB hang cleans 24/16kgs…

Andy Ginn

Warm up3 rounds200m run10 plate Z press10 Hand release push ups WorkoutEvery 4mins for 8 rounds15/12 cal ski or row10 dual DB push press 22.5/15kgs5 DB facing burpee Cool down800m walkball pec 60secs L/Rball upper trap 60sec L/R

Chris Feather

Warm up6min easy pace amrap30sec erg10 scorpion 10 plate cuban press 2×2.5kgs WorkoutIn pairs complete30min AMRAP round for round20 Dual DB deadlift 22.5/15kgs20/16 cal standing bike erg20 Single arm DB thruster (10L/10R)*200m run together between rounds Cool down5min easy bikeball…

Andy Ginn

Warm up3 rounds300m erg15 banded deadlift15 banded good morning WorkoutAMRAP 12400m run 16 alternating DB snatch 22.5/15kgs12 Db box step up 24/20~rest 5mins~AMRPAP 12600M bike erg16 plate push press 20/15kgs12 burpee to plate Cool down800m recovery walk

Andy Ginn

Defiance done! I’m trying to settle back into the full swing of the 98 program, with a few gym competitions and events coming up toward the end of the year. I’m still feeling a bit empty after the big weekend,…


Warm up3 rounds200m run15 hollow rocks10 plate bent over fly’s @2×2.5kgs Workout Every 2mins for 32minsAlternate betweenRound 1300/200m row20 ab mat sit upsRound 215/12 cal assault bike20 wall balls 20/14 Cool down5min easy erg5 min hip flow (pigeon, deep static…

Andy Ginn

Warm up3 rounds 12 cal erg10 kb hang snatch light (5L/5R)8 goblet squat WorkoutIn pairs complete20 rounds in total6 deadlift 60/40kgs8 lateral burpee over bar10 cal ski Cool down400m walk ball lat & tricep 60secs R/Lball glute 60secs R/L

Andy Ginn

The Foundation Nutrition Standards are the first step of three to make long term and meaningful changes to your nutrition. The aim for this first four weeks is to show that you can commit to the small changes required for…