First session back home - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

First session back home

When i head back to the UK for holidays i try to keep my general fitness ticking over. I obviously like to feel fit but its mainly to weigh out the extra calories i take on while here. I can’t and don’t want to resist my Mums beautiful home cooking and a few pints of Guinness with my Dad at the local! I really like to hit some outdoor sessions while I’m here making the most of the fresh country air and scenery. Today was something i’ve done a lot in Australia. It felt a little different in minus 1 degrees.


20 squats
20 push-ups
20 lunges
20 dips
20 step-ups
x 5

For time
10 rounds
15 burpees
1 x 80m hill sprint between sets (driveway at home)

300 FLR