FYF 23/6/17 - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

FYF 23/6/17


This is the first FYF we have not finished! Both teams hit around 12 rounds at the 60 minute cap. It was a massive session. In hindsight a 1-10 ladder would’ve been perfect.  Oh well… It did the job (FYF).


2 Teams of 4

1-15 ladder

Back squat 80kg


*Chase every round with a 20 cal sprint on Schwinn AD8 No. 1 *Complete 800 cal on Schwinn AD8 No. 2 throughout the workout. *1 player on ladder, 1 player in bike No.2, 2 players resting. Session is complete when every player has completed every round and the second bike hits 800 cals.