FYF 24/2/17 - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

FYF 24/2/17

Today marked the day of the first event of the CrossFit Open 2017 (17.1) I want to wish all my mates competing in this the very best of luck and hope these FYF sessions have helped you prepare them in some way. Although we had a few of the usual suspects missing we still had 10 roll up. I really enjoyed this one, short and very sharp,  it was just my cup of tea. Now time for date night with Mrs Feather and a weekend of R & R!


Teams of 2
100 Ground to shoulder (45/25 Kg)
*each partner must complete every round. Partner 2 cannot start a round until partner 1 has completed a full round.
50 cal row – 5 burpees
40 cal row – 10 burpees
30 cal row – 15 burpees
20 cal row – 20 burpees
10 cal row – 25 burpees
100 Deadlift (100/60 kg)


Vic Burdon & Ash Besse

Chris Feather & Dan Adair

Benny Seymour & Andrew Pap

Toddy Binskas & Julien Rinaldi

George Burgess & Samson

Winning Time – 28:18 (Seymour & Pap)