FYF 24/3/17 - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

FYF 24/3/17


Todays FYF was something i’d been thinking about all week. I wanted to program something that would make each player accountable. Not performing would not only let themselves down, but would also let the rest of the team down. No-one would be able to be carried or hide in the background through the workout. It was a massive struggle but everyone performed and came through the other end able to hold their head up high. ‘Get comfortable with been uncomfortable.’ I f$#king loved this session!!



Team of 5. Hold times are determined by the time it takes to Ski 250m. Rotate through the below until you reach 15,000m.
1. 250m Ski Erg
2. Dead ball bear hug 65kg/35kg
3. Rest
4. KB rack hold (2 x 24kg/16kg)
5. Rest

Session finishes when the ski reaches 15,000m & penalty burpees are complete.

– Ski cannot be moving unless ball is in bear hug and KB’s are in rack hold.
– No drops or KB in non rack (KB’s must touch!)
– All errors equal 10 x Burpee penalty for the team before the clock stops at the end.


Team 1 (Winners 58:04)

Ash Besse

Jane Erbacher

Kev Toonen

Ben Seymour

Chris Feather


Team 2

Victoria Burdon

Mel Corlette

Dan Adair

Dylan Riviera