FYF 3/3/17 - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

FYF 3/3/17

I’ve been thinking about this weeks FYF for a while. I was keen for us to get off the ERGS for a change and just grind out a tough unforgiving session. After a quick consult with Andy Ginn we came up with this one. It fit the bill perfectly even the weather gave us a hand by providing some horrible humid and wet conditions. The session was a 60 minute grind. I love these sessions always show everyones true colours, sacrificing your own comfort for the teams benefit. I know everyone left their comfort zone at some point in yesterdays session which is what makes an awesome FYF. When you earn something you always appreciate it more. Thanks for ‘showing up’ lads!



Teams of 4

100 rounds

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 air squats

(Relay style. Only one player working through reps at once)

*team complete 5km of rack hold kettlebell carry throughout workout. Only one person carrying both at once (2 x 24kg)

We split our team into pairs. One pair working through sets of the circuit and one pair making their way around the block with the kettle bells.



1 – 59;40

Kev Toonen (@strengthelite)

Benny Seymour

Jarred Brown

Chris Feather

2 – 56:58

Andrew Pap

Dan Adair


Ryan Fenning