FYF 4/11/17 - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

FYF 4/11/17

The FYF  allows us to fill the gym with as many members as show up and hit a team session that will test everyone physically and mentally. At this point of the week most members have participated in 5 days of the 98 program, I’d expect their tank to be pretty empty. Because of that and the high work volume programmed in the FYF these sessions build resilience and breed team spirit among our members. They are an invaluable part of our week at 98.


Today good friend of mine, Jay Collins of MaxEdge Fitness training  wrote If player 1 is depending on player 2, but player 2 doesn’t give a shit, that means player 2 needs to find a new gym. Only good people here.”  I love this and am hopefully building 98 on this exact ethos.



Teams of 5
10 min max cal Assault bike
*complete 10 x goblet squat after every effort (24/16kg)

5 min rest

10 min max cal row
*complete 10 x KB lunge after every effort (24/16kg)

5 min rest

10 min max cal ski
*complete 10 x KB swing after every effort (24/16kg)

**each team must hold 40kg barbell above ground for the full 45 min workout**