FYF - 9/6/17 - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

FYF – 9/6/17


Today was my favourite FYF in a while. It was a tough mix of things i really like (Ski) and things i really don’t (Burpees). Mainly, it was a really solid crew. We smashed it up then ate burgers. A perfect Friday arvo.


4 person teams (3 guys, 1 girl)

10km Ski Erg

400 Wall ball

300 Burpees

200 GTS (75/35)

*One person Skis, 1 person works their way through the reps, 2 people rest. When all meters & reps are complete, workout is finished.




Nath Beves

Khan Porter

Andy ginn

Ash Besse

Winners (43.24)


Mike Puhle

Chris Feather

Kobi Bates

Vic Burdon


Toddy Binskas

Hamish Corlett

Mel Corlett

Jules Rinaldi