GPP FRIDAY (1/11/19) - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

GPP FRIDAY (1/11/19)

Warm up
5min erg
3 rounds
10 single arm DB high pull (5l/5r) light
10 single arm OH squat (5l/5r)
30 sec arch hold 

3 rounds of 4mins
30/25 cal assault bike
20 Dual DB shoulder to overhead 22.5/15kgs
ME box jump remaining time 24/20
*rest 1min between rounds


3 rounds of 4mins
30/25 cal ski
20 Dual KB deadlift 32/24kgs
ME Goblet squat 32/24kgs
*rest 1min between rounds

Cool down
800m walk (Nasal breathing only)