GPP THURSDAY (17/10/19) - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

GPP THURSDAY (17/10/19)

Warm up
Emom 9
Min 1-Easy pace erg (build each round)
Min 2-8 lateral box step overs
Min 3-12 ball slams

Amrap 10
500/300m bike erg
8 d-ball bear hug box step ups 45/30kgs
6 d-ball bear hug squats

Rest 5mins

Amrap 10
500/300m ski
8 ab mat sit ups
6 DB renegade row 22.5/15kgs (6each arm)

Cool down
400m recovery wall
Ball upper trap 60secs L/R
Ball glute 60secs L/R

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