GPP TUESDAY (12/11/19) - 98 Gym
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Andy Ginn

GPP TUESDAY (12/11/19)

Warm up
5min erg
3 rounds
15 banded deadlifts
15 banded front rack squats
15 banded strict press

For time
In pairs complete
2 rounds
150 cal standing bike erg (damper 10)
120 single DB split jumps 22.5/15kgs
90 single arm DB box step overs 22.5/15kgs
60 d-ball squats 65/45kgs
30 d-ball reverse lunge 65/45kgs
*must be done in order
*swap at partners at any time

6-8 Rower pikes
Rest as needed between sets

Cool down
800m walk (Nasal breathing only)