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Kev Toonen

How To Plan Your Weeks Training At 98 Gym

Everyone has different goals here at 98, these goals will change once you reach one, you’ll reassess and go attack another one. These goals could be a better 2km ski or row, maybe you’re after a bigger deadlift, more pull ups or a bigger back squat. Whatever your goal is its important to know how to get there. Outlined below are two sample weeks of 98 classes that can address some, if not all of your goals.

Better Conditioning (2km ski/row…faster bike erg)
Monday – IWT
Tuesday – STR/GPP
Wednesday – ESD
Thursday – STR/GPP
Friday – GPP
Saturday – FYF
Increase Your Strength (Squats/Deadlifts/Pull Ups/ Better Performance in an IWT or FYF)
Monday – IWT
Tuesday – STR
Wednesday – REST or ESD
Thursday – STR
Friday – ADV STR
Saturday – FYF
Give yourself enough time to achieve your goal, a minum of 6-8 weeks with one of the above cycles of training will ensure you hit those targets…as long as they are reasonable of course.
If you have any questions on this or what would suit you best please ask me.