Jock Day - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

Jock Day

I have been hearing about this event since moving to Australia 6 years ago. Finally this year i got the call up for ‘Team Rest of the World’ The day consists of 3 teams and 6 events (see below) They run the length of the day finishing off with a bbq and a few beers at the beach.

Such a good day with a really great set of lads. Personally i went from Penthouse (coming first in the ball toss) to Shithouse (finishing last in the 1200m run) I’m blaming the 35 degree heat, ha! Team Rest of the world finished second to the Kiwis with the Aussies finishing dead last. Already thinking about events for next year.

Event 1 – Multi Sport Relay (Team Australia)

2 x 100m paddle board legs; 2 x 90m swim legs; and 2 x 1200m run legs (no team member can complete more than 1 leg)

Event 2 – Beach Volleyball (Team Australia)

Event 3 – Highland Games (Team Rest of the World)

Part 1 : Team Tug of War on the Beach.
Part 2 : 12kg Ball Toss

Event 4 – Full Field Touch Rugby (Team New Zealand)

Event 5 – Relay

6 x 1200m (Team New Zealand)

Event 6 – Tough Bloke Relay (Team Rest of the World)

1200m team run. Team must carry 45kg deadfall the full distance (every member must carry at least once) During the race a whistle will sound every 2 minutes. Team must drop the ball and complete 5 burpees.

Team Rest Of The World

Post match analysis & recovery.