Starting Point


At the start of every program we need a goal or something to aim towards, otherwise we have no real idea when we get to our end point. Also we need to know where we are when we start, this is why we test. For the next few weeks (8-12 depending on results) Emma and I will post our daily session. This is not the 98 Program but a strength (STR) focused 2-3 block of training. The aim is to increase overall strength and speed. The outline of the week will look like this;

  • Monday – Heavy Lower Body
  • Tuesday – Heavy Upper Body
  • Wednesday – Conditioning (ESD/SLED/SPRINTS)
  • Thursday – REST DAY
  • Friday – FYF…because this is the weekly gut check.
  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – Speed Work

Todays session is:

Warm Up


Work to a Heavy Single Back Squat


Work to a Heavy 2RM Weighted Pull Up


5 x 5 GHD (The movement will be done for the glutes, hamstrings…not a sit up)

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