The Magnum Opus Programme - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

The Magnum Opus Programme

The Magnum Opus program is the latest addition to the CFT website. I wanted this program to reflect my daily training regime. It had to include the circuit style stuff I love doing with some heavy lifting, gymnastic work and plenty of breathing! I also did not want to spend more than 60 minutes in the gym each day. It was a pretty tough program to ‘balance’ if I’m honest. My daily training is heavily influenced by how I feel that particular day, the work I have on at 98, and what other trainers and athletes I respect, are doing around the world at that time. (I check out workouts by @rhoddydavis @skiwods @bobbymaximus @a_cordova daily @thehousepdx on Instagram.)

After much deliberation and some back and forth with one of my colleagues and mates Andy Ginn (@andy_ginn), I finally got there. I am really proud of this program and am looking forward to following everyone’s progress through it.

During the past year, I have had many people ask me “Do you have a program that will prepare me for the FYF?”….Well….this is it! Today I have 8 guys from 98 Riley Street Gym starting the program. I will post their progress throughout the next 8 weeks via this blog. They will also be posting results, screenshots and comments in the ‘PEAK Community’

Watch this space!

*FYF – An acronym for ‘F**k you Friday’ It is well known as the toughest day in the gym at ‘Gym Jones’ Utah and many gyms around the world.  After taking part in my fair share of FYF’s at Gym Jones, I introduced it at 98 Riley St Gym in 2015. It has since become something of an institution and attracts athletes & trainers from all over Australia. The session is by invitation only. Check out the FYF videos in the CFT Blog.