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Chris Feather

My Vitamin Packs

I’m aware this has been my first post in a while. For the last month or so any time not spent at 98 has being taken up getting ready to launch a new company, My Vitamin Packs.


What is My Vitamin Packs?
My Vitamin Packs is a service designed to help health conscious people perfect their nutrition to reach their full potential. We create customised and pre-packed vitamin solutions to help bring the best out of athletes of all levels. We only use high quality and pharmaceutical grade vitamins and you can select from our pre-made packs designed specifically for athlete related health issues such as joint repair, improving sleep, increasing energy and concentration, fat loss or muscle gain. Or customise your own pack by choosing from our quality range of vitamins and design one specifically tailored to your needs. If you’re not sure what to take we offer a free health assessment which will allow us to design something for you. You can also chat with us via the Live chat function for any assistance. Every pack comes with a 28 day supply of vitamins and makes vitamin supplementation easier, cheaper, more personalised and much more convenient with every order being delivered to your door to give you the best nutrition possible and fuel your ambition.


The Story

This is a start up venture I have gone into with two other guys. Phil Nakken & Tom Bailey. The whole thing came about when Phil approached me with the idea and asked what I thought about it. I thought the idea was awesome and something i would personally use everyday and would love to get involved with. He said ‘leave it with me, I’ll do some research’ A few weeks later he came back to me ‘someone has already done it’. Phil, not been someone to give up, went on the site he had found and ordered a pack. Soon after he got a phone call from Tom Bailey. Tom is the Founder of My Vitamin Pack. He had set up a test site for the Vitamin business he was working on to gauge interest. Phil and I were very interested. A very long story short, Phil and I put forward a business proposal to Tom. Following that Tom offered Phil and I partnership in the business. We took it. We all met in Sydney a few weeks later, signed the paperwork, had a beer and 18 months of hard work later, here we are. I feel we are a great team, all bringing something very different but pivotal to the success of our business. We spent last weekend at the Sydney Fitness Expo getting our name out there. It was awesome to have all our friends and ambassadors getting behind us down there. We had some really encouraging feed back and started taking our first orders. I am incredibly proud of the business and team we have put together and have every confidence My Vitamin Pack will become a household name. Checkout the website here and give us a follow on Instagram @my_vitamin_packs




Now its back to 98 and some serious Ski Ergs work. The Concept2 Ski Erg Performance Series started on May 1st and i want a piece!