New Trainer For 2019 - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

New Trainer For 2019

We are very happy to welcome Emma Brown to Team 98 for 2019. Emma will be taking classes and available for PT from early January. Below is a little bit about Emma.

Emma’s philosophy as a trainer is based upon motivating and encouraging people to move through as much range as possible and gaining as much strength as possible in the process. This not only returns the best body composition result for her clients, but her pace and programming style also significantly decreases the risk of injury.

She specialises in strength and conditioning, body composition, women’s health and nutrition. Her simple and holistic approach to nutrition education is the cornerstone to her practice. She trains a wide range of skill-levels and ages, providing clients specific prescription where necessary, based on body type, activity levels and goals. Emma believes that combining the tools for both nutrition and exercise delivers longevity and the best possible results long term.

Movement has not always been a huge part of Emma’s life, however it eventually became apparent of the huge benefits exercise had on her mental health. These benefits are what motivated her to begin a consistent and rewarding career in personal training.

To contact Emma regarding personal training sessions email her on [email protected]