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Harriet Walker

Pick and Mix Fridge Prep With Harriet Walker.

A healthy fridge makes for healthy meals and snacks, and a bit of preparation goes a long way to a happy healthy week! The ideas below are designed for those people who like the idea of meal prep, but doesn’t want to commit to the same meal day-in day-out.
Each weekend, prepare the following and get set for some delicious and quick meals for the rest of the week- no excuses here!
1. Quinoa- cook up 1.5 cups in 3 cups water until soft 2.
2. Roasted vegetables- Capsicum, pumpkin, red onion, zucchini
3. Steamed greens- broccoli, green beans
4. Boiled eggs
5. Oven baked chicken
6. Chopped vegetable sticks
7. Brown rice
8. Baked sweet potatoes – bake 2-3 large and chop in half for serve
9. Baby Spinach leaves
10. Tinned tuna/salmon
11. Fetta
12. Basic dressing
Option 1 Quinoa salad with green beans and pumpkin
– Mix ¾ cup cooked quinoa with 1 cup pumpkin and 1 cup green beans. Add in ½ cup low fat fetta and top with some chicken.
Option 2 Roasted vegetable and chicken salad
– Mix 1 ½ cup of mixed roasted vegetables into 2 cups of baby spinach leaves and toss through chopped chicken pieces
Option 3 Roasted vegetable Frittata
– In a pan, cook up 1 clove of garlic and a red onion in a small amount of oil. Stir through 1 ½ cups roasted vegetables. Whisk up 5 eggs and add to pan, covering all the vegetables. After about 5 min in the pan, transfer to a pre-heated grill and cook until browned on top and there is no runny egg left (use a knife to pierce and check). Optional- top with some crumbled fetta

Option 4 Basic lunch box
– Chop up 1 eggs, ½ breast chicken, mixed steamed greens and ½ cup brown rice. Pack into a small container- ready to go warmed or cold.

Option 5 Brown Rice Sushi Salad (one serve)
– Take ½ cup brown rice and mix with baked salmon/chicken, spinach leaves, steamed greens and sliced avocado and dress with ½ tbs mayonnaise mixed with lemon juice.
Option 6 Quinoa and roasted vegetable bake
-Whisk 5 eggs and set aside. Mix 1 cup quinoa, 2 cups of mixed vegetables (greens and roasted veg) in a bowl then transfer into lined baking tray about 4cm deep. Pour over eggs, salt to taste, and baked for 20-30 minutes or until eggs are booked through.
Option 7 Baked Sweet potato Bundles
– Mix 1 tin of tuna, a handful of baby spinach, 30g fetta and ½ cup roasted vegetables and stuff into half a heated sweet potato.
Option 8 Snack Attack
– 1 chopped boiled egg, 1 chopped piece of fruit, chopped veggie sticks, 2 tbs dip of choice and a piece of fruit. Enough bits and pieces.

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