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Magnum Opus (Male)


The Magnum Opus Program is designed for the athlete who has already developed a high level of strength and fitness. It is based around the way i love to train. Plenty of high intensity Erg and circuit work with heavy lifts and some supplementary gymnastic sessions.

The strength component is based around the major compound lifts-squat, deadlift and press (vertical and horizontal) with accessory push and pull movements. The metabolic conditioning is predominantly based around Erg work (Ski, Row, Airbike) and full body functional movement and core exercises. This programme is mainly circuit based. The sessions average around 45-60 minutes in total. The ‘meat’ of most of the sessions and will have you working at the top end of your heart rate training zone for around 20-30 minutes. This programme was written to prepare athletes who wanted to take part in FYF sessions* The program is 8 weeks long and consists of 4-5 training hours, including 2 programmed recovery hours each week.

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