Strength Session With Jai Courtney - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

Strength Session With Jai Courtney

Jai Courtney had his first taste of the 98 GYM training when he was cast in the Water Diviner movie. The film is set in war time and in preparation the actors were all put through a military inspired 98 training camp that included multiple daily training sessions and also required the lads to dig a trench. Jai has a great appreciation for the 98 training method and ethos and returns to the 98 GYM in Sydney every time he is in town. Last week we caught up and hit Thursdays STR session from the 98 Program. Jai’s definitely goes hard and gives it his all in the gym, he fits in well down here. Below is the session we hit.

Warm Up
2 Rounds
10 x Deadbugs
15 x Side Plank Hip Touch
10 x Mountain Climbers
10 x Scorpions
10 x Glute Walk Outs
10 x Bird Dogs

3 x 8 Med Ball Slams 3-15kg 
60 seconds rest between sets
5 x 5 Bench Press with MAX Pull ups after each set
2 mins rest
4 x 20 Cadence Push Up (1 push up every 2 seconds, pause at the top) 

15 mins AMRAP
10 x Single Leg Calf Raise 
20 x Air Squat
30m Deadball Lunge (30-40% BW)