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Tried & Tested Program

Programmed by Kev Toonen, 18 years military experience, Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Special Operations Command. Our online program has been rigorously tested by top tier professional athletes. It is also tested on a daily basis at 98 Gym. We adapt our program to ensure it’s accessible for every fitness level, from professional athletes to first timers.

Daily Workout

Receive your daily workout. These workouts are part of a well rounded strength and conditioning program. The sessions will reflect exactly what is happening at 98 Gym. You will be able to scroll through 2 days before and 2 days after to enable the week to suit you if needed.

Knowledge Base

Build your knowledge of training, nutrition, mindset and much more with the weekly articles, videos and blog posts from Team 98. Watch Back Squat tutorials from one of Australia’s best strength and conditioning coaches, read articles on nutrition from out 98 Nutritionist Harriet Walker and listen to podcasts on mindset from some of the worlds best athletes.

Movement Library

This extensive library of movements whill help you perfect your form. Each movement will include a demonstration and points of performance and will be hyperlinked directly to the workout. This library is ever growing and will include every movement you will see on the program.


Get involved with our worldwide community. Jump on the session discussion board and see notes for the session from the trainers at 98 Gym, post your results, share tips and scores and get involved in a little banter. Let the community help keep you accountable.


When you have completed your session make sure you check the completed box. Each workout completed will give you a member rating and update your position on our leader board. Milestones will be recognised and rewarded.

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Read what some of our valued community are saying about 98 Training.

This is one of the best field / sport training programs out there. Chris & Kevin have poured their combined decades of experience into this platform. This is perfect pre season and in season training program, guaranteed to improve your speed, power, strength and conditioning. Train like an athlete.

As an actor working in feature film I’m constantly tasked with achieving new physical goals, whether it be a level of fitness required to perform heavy action sequences or simply changing shape for aesthetic purposes. Whenever I’m on Aussie soil 98 keeps me challenged, focussed and dialled in to wherever I need to be. Physical fitness and adaptability has become a vital ingredient to success in the film industry and it’s imperative to align yourself with professionals who understand how to help you reach your full potential whilst staying inspired and healthy. 98 is world class. I’m lucky to have them on my team.

Earlier this year I successfully summitted Mt Everest for the second time, this time from the North Side in Tibet. My entire training program for 12 months leading up to the climb was designed by Kev Toonen of 98 Gym. This program was a crucial element of the climb itself and gave me great confidence as I undertook my goal.
I felt fitter and stronger on this climb than any previous climb and was impressed with the knowledge and explanation behind the programming. Using this program ensured I was ready for the demands of climbing on Everest.

I joined 98 Gym earlier this year with a background of hypertrophy/powerlifting weights training. Since joining 6 months ago I’ve maintained weight, but have increased strength across all major compound lifts, whilst also feeling fitter and more capable than ever before. I’ve been able to fix poor lifting techniques and identify weak spots which need focus to increase overall strength. Most recently my conditioning training has helped me become more conscious of maintaining a positive internal talk track during tough workouts, where in the past I would have focused on counting down till the rest periods/end of workout. Highly recommend for those wanting to kick their training into the next gear.

I thought I was fit until I took my first class at 98! I was looking for a challenging workout and one year on as a member, I can definitely say this is the fittest and strongest I have ever been. The classes and the entire program are so well-thought out — you are training with and being trained by the best in the business. I find it especially empowering how 98 emphasises strength training for women and love that the culture is 0% about aesthetics and 100% about work ethic. 98 has also built an amazing community and I am so grateful to have made lifelong friends here!

The 98 Gym program that is offered is the most professional and structured training program I have ever been involved with . The thorough and thoughtful way it is put together ensures optimum outcome and results for the many members and online participants. It’s not only rewarding to improve within yourself but it’s been so pleasing to see so much improvement in many of the members since undertaking this program . It is no surprise why 98 gym has such a fantastic reputation from many outside the gym