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Kev Toonen

The Importance Of Routine

Having a routine is vitally important at this time, it will give you a plan for the day and ensure you don’t waste your time or end up getting lost or focused on negatives.

Ive written on this a few times but if you have these three things ticked off at the end of the day it will be a productive day. 

Physical – Exercise once a day and then keep as active as you can. Training releases Serotonin & Dopamine (feel good chemicals). Nutrition – eat well and remember that we are not moving as much as we used to so you may need to control how much is going in. We have and are still placing more content for your training here online, along with up to date information in regards to nutrition. 

Social – This one is probably been the biggest impact for many people, as many of us are used to having constant human contact. Luckily we have the ability to FaceTime / Zoom / Skype with friends. But also what we are doing here every Monday night at 7:30pm with our Facebook Live chats. Keep in contact and make sure you friends / family and work mates are doing ok. 

Intellectual – This for me has been the best part of the three pillars. More time for reading, Ive picked up the guitar again and Ive engaged in more learning online. Spend your time wisely, when we come out of this in however long, what you do now will show, it will help you or hinder you. 

Draw up a daily routine for yourself – make it attainable, not something that is impossible to follow for longer than a week. Leave the TV / Xbox (Zoe) / Social Media alone for the time you are working. Eat as best you can, don’t have food in the house you don’t need. Train and move everyday – engage with everyone else who is training, set some daily / monthly goals, do what you can with what you have. And read, write, dedicate this time to developing a new skill.