Andy, Author at 98 Gym
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  • Opex level one coach
  • CrossFit level 1 trainer
  • CrossFit sports specific application trainer (field sports)
  • Cert lll & lV in fitness


Andy Ginn is an Australian renowned personal trainer, coach, and athlete with over 15 years in the health and fitness industry.

He started his professional career playing international rugby in the UK, before returning to Australia to share and build his knowledge, and transfer his skills to the sport of Crossfit.

Through continuous education, Andy has earned his reputation as one of the nations best coaches. Currently operating his own business out of 98 Riley St Gym, he not only trains and works with Australia’s top athletes, but creates strength and conditioning programs for other top personal trainers, refining their technique and setting the benchmark for training. As a result of his competitive background, Andy also specialises in Olympic lifting and gymnastics, whilst also incorporating rehab and mobility into his clients training programs.

His open minded approach to the fitness industry, authenticity, contagious energy, and personal motto “never a bad day”, all compliment his brutal workouts to create balanced programs that keep his clients coming back and will ensure his continued success.

Warm up
400m light run
3 rounds
12 cal ski or bike erg
9 kettle bell goblet squat
6 hand release push ups

In a 15minute window complete
Bike erg cals
Barbell thrusters 20/15kgs
*max cal bike erg in remaining time
In a 15min window complete
Ski cals
Overhead plate sit-ups 10/5kgs
*max cal ski in remaining time

Cool down
400m recovery walk
Downward dog 60secs
Roll lat & tricep 60secs R/L

Warm up
3min erg
4 rounds
8 kb windmill
8 kb RDL
8 kb SA upright row
8 kb SA suitcase deadlift

25min AMRAP
In pairs complete
1 for 1 (round for round)
20/15 cal assault bike
30 air squat
*10 synchro burpee between rounds
(chest must touch ground together + extend together)

Cool down
5min bike
Ball pec 60sec L/R
3 point wall stretch

Warm up
3 rounds
60sec bike erg
10 lateral box step overs
5 hand release push up with shoulder primer

8 rounds
In a 3min window
2 rounds
4 box jump 24/20
8 burpee
16 split jumps (each leg)
Max calorie bike in remaining time
1min rest between rounds

Cool down
5min easy bike
Foam roll calf 60sec L/R
Ball pec 60sec L/R