Kate Hilliard, Author at 98 Gym
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Kate Hilliard

Kate’s performance driven attitude fits the 98GYM ethos perfectly. It wasn’t long after starting training at 98 that Kate broke her first World Record on the Concept2 SkiErg. Kate subsequently followed this by breaking a number of others for multiple distances which still stand.

Setting the benchmark in the gym and now internationally for females led to an opportunity to represent Australia at the Turf Games in London at the festival of functional fitness. Kate is the first and only 98 Sponsored Athlete and is a leading example for both women and men in the gym.

Kate has not only pursued fitness for herself, but has also studied the social determinants of health through her tertiary education, completing a Bachelor of Health Science followed by a Masters in Health Policy. Her desire to understand how health and disease can be understood and addressed as a social phenomenon has been one of the biggest drivers to her becoming a coach. 

Kate’s coaching experience spans over a decade, training both elite level swimmers to adults learning the basics, with the level of athlete not mattering nearly as much as the character caliber of the athlete. 

5 min easy pace 65-70% MHR
2 Round
10 x Inchworm
10 x Inverted Hamstring (each leg)
10 x Deadbug
10 x Bird Dog
2 mins working up to 70-90% MHR


2 min @ 90-95% MHR
2 min @ 65-70% MHR
x 8

*Record distance/ calories and post


Very Hard Activity
Very difficult to maintain exercise intensity.
Can barely breath and speak only a few words.