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  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for SOCOM
  • 18 Years Military Experience
  • Diploma Exercise Science
  • Powerlifting Coach
  • Founder of Strengthelite


Kevin is a strength and conditioning coach with ten years direct experience coaching athletes, soldiers and coaches alike. With over fifteen years serving in the Australian Military, five of which were managing a high performance program, Kevin’s skills and experience are rooted in training with purpose, to achieve the mental toughness to never quit – to always find a way.

He currently sits on the board for the Tactical Strength & Conditioning Association in Australia and has presented to Police, Military and S&C coaches across the country. He is also the founder of Strength Elite.

Kevin believes in humility and the pursuit of excellence. His training is science-based and he is happy to work with anyone who possesses the grit and determination to improve themselves, get uncomfortable, knowing that nothing worth having ever came easy.

Your methods or the tools you use to get the job done can be varied, however one thing must be true…there is no side stepping or skipping training principles or biological laws of training. Some things are true no matter how much you try and hide from it. 

The emergence of new “trends” or “fads” within in the ever changing fitness industry has given rise to a number of different training programs, regimes and about everything else you could think of…comical in most instances.  Without proper education and or the flood of misinformation it would be very easy to get confused and tricked into thinking the majority of these fads work. 

This is what you can bank on, and if nothing else take away and if followed, will work. 

  1. Strength Training 2-3 days per week – The four biggest indicators of mortality are muscular strength, muscular mass (relative), grip strength and foot speed. This will keep you functioning at a high level for most of your life. 
  2. Speed 1 – 2 times per week – Keeping your fast twitch muscle fibers active helps you age well…keeps you fast, explosive and agile. You have to run and train fast to be fast. 
  3. Aerobic efforts (ESD) 1-2 times per week – 30 mins of work, at anywhere from 60-80% Max Heart Rate (MHR)…walking, cycling, riding, jogging etc.
  4. Interval Weight Training 1-2 per week – Getting your Heart Rate (HR) to 80-95% for a short duration, resting for short intervals and then repeating the work. This has carry over into your aerobic activity as well as being one of the best types of training for overall health. 

Simple in nature, true as the earth is round (not flat) and will keep you strong, fast, conditioned and healthy well into your years. 

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The testing will run over 2 days and its important to understand that these sessions are not workouts but all out efforts. This is the part where you find out where you really are compared to where you think you are.

Day 1
– 1RM Deadlift
– Max BW Pull ups
– 30 second effort  on the Assault Bike (Max Calories)

Day 2
50 x Box Jumps for time
2km Ski/Row or 8 min time trial on the Assault Bike (Max Calories)

Below is how I would run my two days.

Deadlift 1 rep max
I have a plan or a no. I want to hit and I work backwards from that number…usually about 6-8 sets depending on how I feel. Below is a breakdown of how I would plan my 1RM attempt of 260kg.  My rest is breaks are between 3-5 mins between sets…longer rest the closer I get to the doubles and singles.


All my lifts are technically correct, I don’t want any gym fuckery here, no dragging the bar up like a limp crane. When your form breaks, then that’s where you sit. Take note of what gave way, was it grip, trunk, upper back, lower back etc.

Max Body Weight Pull Ups
This one is pretty simple, obey the movement and record the number correctly, if it’s a maybe, it’s a no.

30 second Assault Bike Effort
This one should break you for the day. All out, nothing left in the tank…when 30 seconds is up, feet off the peddles and wait until the bike comes to a complete stop. Then record the calories.

50 x Box Jumps for time
Refer to the movement library for the movement. Remember its jump up and step down, not jump down.

2km Ski/Row for time/ 8 min Assault Bike max calories
You get a choice of one of these three. It’s a max effort for the time or distance. Record your score.

The rest you have between all of this is up to you. 15min – 30min should be enough for most if this is your first time testing.

Harriet has written a great article on how to ‘Nail Your Testing Nutrition’ HERE. Give it a read to help optimise your testing week.

Good Luck!

In this video we discuss The 98 Program and its application for the tactical athlete (Military, Police & EMS).