Steve "Commando" Willis, Author at 98 Gym
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Steve "Commando" Willis

“Commando Steve” is one of Australia’s most recognised and well-respected fitness advocates. After growing up in Queensland, he joined the army when he left school and over the next decade served in the Australian Special Forces with 2 Commando Regiment. In 2004, he left the army to launch a new career as a fitness professional. Steve became a familiar face on Australian TV screens as “The Commando” on Australia’s Biggest Loser and, more recently, on Australian Survivor.

Closer to home, Steve is the father of four beautiful children, two daughters and two sons. Steve is passionate about life and encouraging wellbeing and understanding. He knows how this can be difficult to embrace when faced with uncertainty and the many challenges we all endure on a daily basis. He is an advocate for encouraging a foundation of support and understanding through sharing experiences and conversation that promotes self-awareness. With mindfulness at the heart of our daily practice and routines we open the door to understanding, compassion and the beauty and joy of life.