Tuesday GPP (21.1.20) - 98 Gym
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Chris Feather

Tuesday GPP (21.1.20)

Warm Up
3min Erg
3 Rounds
10 Single Leg KB Crossbody RDL (5L/5R)
10 KB Hang Snatch (5L/5R)
60 Secs Goblet Squat Hold

 In Pairs Complete 
14km Bike Erg
Switching The Damper At Following KM Marks
Start At Damper 3 
@12km Switch To D7
@11km Switch To D4
@9km Switch To D9
@8km Switch To D1
@7km Switch To D10
@6km Switch To D2
@4.5km Switch To D8
@2.5km Switch To D5
@0.5km Switch To D6
*E3MOM 6 Syncro Burpee (incl 0:00)

3sets 5reps
Hang Power Clean
*rest as needed between sets 

Cool Down
Roll Calf 60secs L/R
Roll Shin 60secs L/R
60 Secs Dead Hang From Bar