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Chris Feather


This week i had the chance to head up to the Gold Coast and catch up with a friend and founder of a Gym Jones Mark Twight. I met Mark in Sydney  back in 2011 while he was working with Russell Crowe on ‘Man of Steel’. He and his writing have had a heavy influence on my career and life since. As expected it was a great couple of days, a few quiet beers with Mark and Stu Walton and some very insightful conversation. I even managed to squeeze in a quick session. What started off playing around on a monster Alphafit rig turned into a fairly solid session and some very sore hands!



10 minutes airbike


30 minutes climbing up and down the rig


10 rounds 30 sec ski >155m

90 sec rest (must climb to the top of the wing, 2 pull-ups at the top, climb down, both hands hit every bar)


Cool down & get some Savlon on the hands.