Team 98 consists of trainers from a range of backgrounds; from former elite athletes to members of the defence force. Together we represent over 50 years’ combined expertise. We deliver real results for any objective. We are committed to providing an experience and education for our athletes. We preach training, eating and living with the desired goal in mind, and we provide the tools needed to reach that goal.

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Alexa Towersey
Alexa Towersey


  • Bachelor of Science Bio & Psych, Grad. Diploma Kinesiology & Sports Management
  • Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor
  • Founder of Creating Curves

Alexa has over 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry as a personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach. Born into a military family, her journey started on a mission for muscles after she was bullied at school for being too skinny – her nickname was Alexa Annorexa.  The gym – and in particular, the weights room – became her sanctuary and was the first place she developed strength, both physically and mentally.

Alexa graduated University with a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Biology and Psychology.  She then continued on with a post graduate diploma in Sports Management and Kinesiology.  All through university, Alexa wrestled with the Mania Sportsfighting Academy, excelled as a Linebacker and Wide Receiver for a NZ Womens’ Champion Gridiron team – The Tamaki Lightning – and played soccer at a representative level.

In 2007 she accepted a job in Hong Kong, where she attained her NASM qualification, completed in house internships with Poliquin, Merinovich, Gray Cook and Martin Rooney,  and headed up the Strength and Conditioning division for a top MMA gym.  1 year later, she was voted in the Top 3 Toughest Trainers in Asia.

Not one to be satisfied with being “comfortable”, Alexa began looking for a new challenge and decided to compete in Half Ironman 70.3, hiring a coach to teach her to swim.  It was at this time that she came across Gym Jones, and fell in love with the “Mind is Primary” philosophy. She saw this as the edge she needed to get ahead and 2 years later, she qualified for the 70.3 World Champs on a broken foot. 7 years later,  she became the first female Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor in Australia and only the second female worldwide.

Alexa has been a firm favorite with the media as a “go-to” fitness authority since moving to Australia with her “Train for Your Objective” approach, appearing on Channel 9’s Weekend Today as their fitness expert, and currently as Head Trainer for Women’s Health & Fitness magazine after first gracing their cover in 2016. She is also the female mentor for the athletes in Coach Keegan’s international Real Movement Project, and an ambassador for Livin, a charity aimed at dispelling the stigma surrounding mental health challenges where she presents at both schools and corporate events.

Alexa is the founder of “Creating Curves”, her signature female focused weight training program based on the workouts of former Miss Universe Australia Renae Ayris, which has garnered international success having main features in Harpers Bazaar Australia and Malaysia labeling her “The Model Whisperer” in reference to her transformations within the elite circles.

Alexa is renowned for creating a stellar work ethic in those she trains, and in her eyes;

Franco Morris
Franco Morris


  • 12 years PT
  • Travelled internationally as a personal trainer to a professional race car driver
  • Cert III & IV
  • CrossFit level one
  • AWF Club weightlifting/sports power coach level one
  • 5 years competing in fitness
  • Growing up rugby/team

Franco was born in the Welsh city of Cardiff and raised playing rugby, instilling the team above all mentality that still drives him to this day. His interest in athletic performance, injury prevention and longevity carries into his own training and the way he programs for individuals and groups he coaches.

Beginning his career in the fitness industry at 18, Franco’s passion for seeing people achieve hasn’t diminished in the slightest. From coaching community level classes in his hometown to travelling across Europe and Asia as the personal trainer to professional GP3 driver Matthew Parry, Franco has seen and advocates the importance of training for all levels of fitness and interest. After two very successful seasons with Matt, the opportunity to move to Sydney presented itself and Franco took the chance.

Once in Sydney Franco continued his work in fitness, being offered the role of head coach in a CrossFit gym in Sydney’s south, before moving on as Head Coach and Manager in a strength and conditioning gym in Sydney’s lower north shore. While doing so, he also completed his Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach Level One.

Franco has been a big part of the wider 98 crew for some time and has represented the gym in competition on multiple occasions. His competitive spirit and his distaste for weaknesses or holes in his ability make him one of the most well rounded individuals at 98 GYM, with this translating to his coaching philosophy and style. His embodiment of the 98 ethos of commitment to the team, to hard work and willingness to suffer is apparent. Translating into his coaching, his encouragement of performance based goals continually yields better results than his clients anticipated possible.